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Basketball Skill Development (Video Breakdown): This is a fantastic way to accelerate the development of any player’s basketball skills and basketball IQ, and this is easy! Just contact Coach Saylor to schedule or he will direct you as to the specifics of what he needs video-wise for each type of breakdown. This can be as simple as sharing some video snippets from your mobile phone or it can include sharing access to your Hudl video. Coach Saylor has been providing professional-level video breakdowns for players, teams, and coaches for over 20 years and he is an expert at making the complex simple and for pointing out what others miss. You can be in any part of the world, yet you can have a professional breakdown at your fingertips!

Video Analysis of Individual Skills Using TruePoint Basketball Biomechanics©


  • Stances/Basketball Body Control – Breakdown of Stances & Body Control
  • Court Vision – Breakdown of Court Vision & Tips to Improve Vision
  • Shooting – Breakdown of all Shots & Specific Tips to Improve
  • Ball Handling – Breakdown of Ball Handling Skills & Tips to Improve
  • Dribble Drive Moves – Breakdown of Dribble Moves & Tips to Improve
  • Live Ball Moves – Breakdown of Live Ball Moves & Tips to Improve
  • Passing/Catching – Breakdown of Passing/Catching & Tips to Improve
  • Rebounding/Defending – Breakdown of Rebounding/Defense & Tips to Improve


Video Analysis of Game Play


All Aspects of Offensive Game Play Using TruePoint Court Advantage©:

  • Reading the Defense Just-as & Just-after Catching the Ball 
  •  Getting Open to Receive the Ball & Receiving the Ball Properly
  •  Breaking Down the Defender & Getting to the Rim/Finishing
  •  Breaking Down the Defender & Reading Help & Making Decisions
  •  Catch & Shoot Opportunities & Getting Open/Making Shots
  •  Live Ball Moves with Various Decisions - Jab & Shoot Series/Shot Fakes
  • Positioning & Securing the Rebound

All Aspects of Defensive Game Play Using TruePoint Court Advantage©:

  • One on One Defense Before & Upon Your Man Receiving the Ball
  • One on One Defense Just-as & Just-after Your Man Passes the Ball 
  • Playing Cutters & Playing Drivers 
  • Closing Out on a Shooter/Driver – Contain & Contest Keys
  • Off the Ball Defense – Help-Side Positioning & Rotations/Close-outs
  • Blocking Out & Securing the Rebound

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