Features and Benefits Player Development

Features and Benefits

Feature: Player Development

Coach Saylor has 20-plus years of successful experience improving players in St. Tammany Parish, and around the United States. Coach Saylor has worked with hundreds of players at every level, from beginner to junior high, high school, college, and with professional players. He has helped players prepare for their junior high tryouts, their high school play-off games, college players prepare for the Final 4, college players prepare for professional drafts, and NBA players prepare to compete for an NBA World Championship.

Benefit: You will be working within a proven system of training and development, becoming one of the many players of all levels that have improved under Coach Saylor’s tutelage. Coach Saylor knows how to work with any level, and his approach is to help players work towards their own unique potential.

Feature: Elite Credentials

Coach Saylor is a professional teacher-coach, with elite credentials, such as his Master of Human Performance degree, his NSCA CSCS credentials, his certification with the State of Louisiana as a PE/Health Professional, and memberships with the NFHS, NABC, and LHSBCA.

Benefit: You are training with and learning from a professional teacher-coach, thus your learning and improvement will be developmentally appropriate, accelerated, and the lessons that you learn can be transferred to the court immediately.

Feature: Optimizing Your Basketball IQ, Competition Competency

Coach Saylor played the game as an elite, undersized Point Guard, from Junior/High School, and into the Division I level at LSU.

Benefit:The lessons that Coach Saylor learned as an undersized player will help you to compensate for any relative deficiencies that you may have. You will learn to think the game at a higher level than your competition and this will allow you to compete at a higher level.

Feature: Mental Strength, Leadership Development

Coach Saylor learned and used the mindset and leadership approaches necessary to excel at every level as an undersized player, and he used these lessons to survive cancer. Coach Saylor’s approach is to be demanding without being demeaning.

Benefit: You will learn as a player, how to be truly mentally tough, and to lead yourself and your teammates on and off the court. These lessons can then be transferred to any area of your life.

Feature: Cutting-edge Technology

Coach Saylor uses cutting edge technology such as the NOAH® basketball system, Dartfish® motion analysis technology, and Senaptec® visual training systems in the gym.

Benefit: You will receive expert feedback and analysis that is world-class from a basketball biomechanics expert. Coach Saylor has credentials, training, and expertise that is unparalleled anywhere in the world and you have access to this right here in Covington, Louisiana.

Feature: State of the Art Venue

Coach Saylor is training players in the brand-new state of the art Christ Episcopal High School gym located just off I-12 and Highway 21.

Benefit:The facilities are unmatched, the lighting, goal systems, and hardwood flooring are state of the art. This facilitates learning and improvement and creates a safe learning environment for all players.

Feature: Access to Proprietary Training

Coach Saylor has created unique basketball terminology and techniques to teach concepts and skills such as TruePoint Court Vision Training©, TruePoint Court Awareness Training©, TruePoint Basketball Biomechanics Training©, and TruePoint Shooting Training©.

Benefit: Players learn can take the skills and concepts from Coach Saylor that they won’t learn anywhere else, and then they can apply them to any situation at any level of basketball, and these skills and concepts will improve their basketball IQ.

Feature: Organized Game Play

Coach Saylor integrates organized game play into the teaching, both small-sided games such as 3v3 as well as full-court 5v5 games. Referees are brought in for the 5v5 games, or Coach Saylor will referee the games along with other coaches.

Benefit: Players want to play, and drills in isolation will only go so far. Players need to be free, however, to play without constantly being overcoached so that they can experiment and make mistakes without the fear of being benched. Organized ‘pick-up’ games allow experimentation within a safe environment, and this accelerates learning and development.

Feature: Feature: Connections and Networks

Coach Saylor has trusted peers and connections throughout every level of basketball, locally, regionally, and nationally.

Benefit: Coach Saylor can help players reach the next level with expert training, and he can also reach out and use his connections to facilitate learning, growth, and playing opportunities. Parents and players spend inordinate amounts of time and money on ‘exposure’ events when in reality the best exposure that a player can receive is an expert seeing them play and then relaying this information to a peer.

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